There are quite a few zip codes in Dayton OH. Have you looked at all of them? I performed a quick search, and you see them in groupings of four. You can scroll, scroll again, and well, you get the idea. Dayton may only be the 6th largest city in Ohio, but it is certainly a popular one. If you are looking at zip codes in Dayton, you are probably planning on a move. While you have to pick a good spot to live in the right Dayton OH zip code, when it comes to fun, you will make it all around your new city. Allow me to tell you about a few restaurants that you might enjoy once you get settled.

Also Get the zip code

As I give you these three restaurant names, I’m also going to give you the zip code, just so you know. Who knows, one of these restaurants might be just around the corner from your new pad. Jay’s Seafood Restaurant is up first, and it is located at East 6th Street. The dishes that make the menu highlights are really unique, like Bourbon Salmon and Oysters Rockefeller. Jay’s Seafood Restaurant is in the 45402 zip code.

The next Dayton OH establishment is Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern, and it is in the 45459 zip code on Miamisburg Centerville Road. This is a place to get a good tuna wrap, fish and chips, deep fried pickles and more. Now, we have one more restaurant to look at in Dayton OH, and I wonder what the zip code is going to be. You might want to be knowing about real estate .


Restaurant at Valley Street

The place is Amber Rose Restaurant, and it is in the 45404 zip code on Valley Street. This establishment is known for potato pancakes, turtle soup and pot roast. There are plenty of other Dayton restaurants to explore, but for now, continue to search for that new pad and to find out what dayton, oh zip code is going to be home.