Not all homeowners realize that grubs can be a problem. They are after all not usually seen. The grubs, however, don’t live too far underground. They are usually right underneath, just deep enough to gnaw at the roots of your grass. If you want to get rid of the grubs, what do you have to do? When it comes to lawn grub control, there are all kinds of ways to keep them at bay.

Benefits of Wearing Lawn Aerator Shoes

One source even suggests wearing those lawn aerator shoes. They have spikes underneath them that reach down into the dirt. Since most of the grubs are going to be just an inch or two below the surface, those shoes can help. All you have to do is walk around in them. That might be an option, but you want to know what else to do of course.

Lawn Aerator Shoes

One other suggested solution is to use milky spore. When you use this natural substance, the spores help to kill the grubs, and you don’t have to do anything but spread the milky spore granules across the lawn. In fact, you don’t have to do it often because the effects last for quite awhile. Yet you will need to know that there is only one kind of grub that is susceptible to the milky spores.

The lawn aerator shoes have been mentioned, but aerating your lawn in general is also suggested. It also helps if you know that how to check for signs of a grub infestation. It will help you know if you really have a problem on your hands.

Now, what else can you do?

One thing to do is to water your lawn deeply. How often should this type of watering be done? It should be done once a week. Plus, making sure that your lawn stays healthy in general is also going to help keep the grubs out. Keeping your lawn healthy requires a lot of different steps of course, but you are working on it for sure. You can also hire one of the best lawn care in west chester ohio

watering lawn

You might also want to use nematodes because they are also said to be effective at times. Additionally, there is a mix of soap powder and diatomaceous earth to help get rid of the grubs. That’s quite a few things that you can do to get the grubs out of your soil so that they stop causing problems. You want that grass looking good, and you don’t have plans to keep feeding the grubs.